National Board Certified Teachers
Now more than ever, teachers must prove themselves in a constantly changing education landscape. Board certification allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom, and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession.

Value for Students
Teachers know the most important part of their job is having a daily impact on students. The standards encompass skills that are effective in all teaching environments, including the most challenging.

Research shows that NBCTs have a greater impact on student learning and achievement than non-certified teachers, with their students outperforming their peers in other classrooms.  Students of Board-certified teachers regularly engage in purposeful learning experiences tied to their unique needs and interests.  As a result, students and their parents increasingly seek out educators who have met the profession’s highest standards. Our teachers help students in the same way as on these essay writing sites.

Schools with many National Board Certified Teachers have strong professional communities, focused on leadership, learning, and collaboration. The culture of the school benefits from the common language of the National Board Standards, which centers discussions on professional practice and student learning. These schools are characterized by higher rates of teacher morale and retention and increased community involvement.

The presence of NBCTs also demonstrates the school’s commitment to excellence to students, parents, school boards, school districts and others. With increasing evidence about the positive impact of National Board Certification on student achievement, schools benefit by having NBCTs in their classrooms.

In Your State

Policymakers and education leaders see great value in National Board Certification and National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). In fact, many states and districts offer salary incentives if you achieve certification.

To support your pursuit of National Board Certification, a variety of organizations – including state departments, school districts, teachers unions, institutions of higher education, and educational nonprofits – offer various resources, including fee assistance and candidate support. Additionally, you have the option of connecting with networks of NBCTs across the country who can help guide your National Board journey.

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