Value for Students

Value for Students
Teachers know the most important part of their job is having a daily impact on students. The standards encompass skills that are effective in all teaching environments, including the most challenging.

Research shows that NBCTs have a greater impact on student learning and achievement than non-certified teachers, with their students outperforming their peers in other classrooms.  Students of Board-certified teachers regularly engage in purposeful learning experiences tied to their unique needs and interests.  As a result, students and their parents increasingly seek out educators who have met the profession’s highest standards.

Confirm Eligibility

To be eligible for certification, teachers must meet education, employment, and licensure requirements. You will be asked to verify these during registration. The requirements are:

  • Verify a bachelor’s degree (NOTE: Candidates for the Career and Technical Education certificate are required to hold a bachelor’s degree only if their state required one for their current license.
  • Have completed three years of successful teaching
  •  Hold a valid state teaching license or meet the licensure requirements established by your state for a school counselor (if applying for the ECYA/School Counseling certificate
  • Prerequisite for World Languages candidates: In addition to the candidate eligibility requirements, World Languages candidates must provide official American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) certified ratings of Advanced Low or higher from ACTFL speaking and writing proficiency assessments. Refer to the Guide to National Board Certification for details.