Revisions to Certification Process

Since Board-certified teachers have a proven track record of improving student learning and achievement, the National Board is committed to reducing barriers unrelated to the quality of a teacher’s practice. To accomplish this goal, in 2013 the National Board revised the certification process.

While maintaining the integrity and transformative nature of National Board Certification, the revised process is more flexible and efficient and also less expensive. More teachers than ever can now engage in the process to become Board-certified.
Why make revisions?
  • To incorporate the latest research. We reviewed the latest research to ensure that the certification process mirrors the evolving nature of the profes­sion and current research on best practices in teaching.
  • Addressing cost and flexibility. We worked with National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) and other experts in the profession to remove barriers in the process that have nothing to do with whether a teacher is accomplished. Earning Board certification now costs less and has enhanced flexibility.
What has changed?
  • The National Board now provides additional options for educators. While teachers can complete the en­tire certification process in one year, some may choose to do so over several years if that fits better with other demands on their time. While maintaining the same level of rigor, the process is grouped into four components. Learn about the process.
  • The total cost of certification has decreased to about $1,900, with each of the four compo­nents costing $475 each. Candidates have the option to pay for and submit each component separately.
What hasn’t changed?
Though the process is different, our principles remain the same. This means the National Board Standards, the Five Core Propositions and the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching have not changed. National Board Certification remains performance-based and peer-reviewed, with a strong emphasis on content knowledge and commitment to student learning.